John Walsh Library

The John Walsh Library is open before and after weekend Masses. Plan to take advantage of this great parish resource!

Check It Out!

The cart in the Library is now featuring a selection of books about Mary. There are also books by Bishop Fulton Sheen to complement our Parish Read book.

The Wisdom of Fulton Sheen, a collection of inspiring quotes by the Bishop is our “Parish Read” this year. Copies are available in the Library.

If you went to a Catholic school, do you remember writing "JMJ" (for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) at the top of all your papers? Some say that Bishop Sheen started that by writing it at the top of his chalkboard while broadcasting on TV.

Book Reviews

Keating, Thomas. The Kingdom of God Is Like. . .
Some of the most vivid messages in the Gospels are found in the parables and sayings of Jesus. In this book Father Keating reflects on many of these parables, from the Parable of the Good Samaritan to the Parable of the Unjust Judge. He often responds to the parable story with another story from our own time. When rightly understood, the parables help us see how wise a teacher Jesus was. How revolutionary, in the best sense of that word, was the content of what he taught and to which he bore witness by his life and by his death. Sometimes their very familiarity causes the modern reader to miss the insights these stories offer into the most profound issues of life. Although originally told to people living in a vastly different world from today, these stories are timeless and have much to say to today’s readers. (Call No. 226.8-KEA)

Finamore, Frank, ed. The Story of Easter
This slim volume celebrates the traditions of the Easter season through selections from the New Testament, stories, activities, poems, and even classic Easter recipes. Although it may be impossible to prove every detail with undeniable evidence, His crucifixion and resurrection are taken as fact by hundreds of millions of people today. The resurrection is joyously celebrated each Easter, the holiest Christian holiday. The miracle it celebrates is essentially the redemption of mankind. God’s only son sacrificed himself for our sake. His suffering, humiliation, and painful death were real, but Christ defeated death. What Jesus gave the world was hope and the possibility of eternal life, not bounded by this world. That is why His words and life continue to move us. “Pluck the harp and breathe the horn: Know ye not ‘tis Easter morn?”—Gerard Manley Hopkins. (Call No. 232-FIN)

McKenna, Megan. Leave Her Alone
Jesus says these three words in response to Judas who questioned Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet with costly perfume and then wiping them with her hair. Jesus recognized that Judas was speaking out of malice or ignorance while Mary was acting righteously with love. Using this story and many others, McKenna gives insight to several followers of Jesus, including Hannah, Esther, Rachel, Leah, and Mary Magdalene. She emphasizes the life-giving qualities of these women and their relationships with God. Some of them suffered greatly; they were unjustly accused, afflicted with disease, rejected by their communities. They responded to these trials with courage and faith and vision. (Call No. 220.92-MCK)

Rohr, Richard. Job and the Mystery of Suffering
Job called it “the voice from the whirlwind”; Christians call it “the cross.” It is the same mystery examined by Anne Frank, Mohandas Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. It is the question of why there is suffering in the world even for those who lead a good and upright life. Richard Rohr explores the Book of Job, both in its historical setting and as an important message for today. If no meaning can be given to human suffering, if our wounds are not capable of becoming sacred wounds, humanity is surely doomed to an endless blaming war with everyone against everyone. Without Job and Jesus, our only question would be “Who is to blame for my pain and my unhappiness?” But the restored Job and the risen Christ give witness not only to the reality of pain but also to a new sense of hope and joy when we place faith and trust in God alone. (Call No. 223.106-ROH)