St Pauly Box

Our St. Pauly box does double duty for us! It provides clothing for those in need as well as being a fundraiser for the parish.
We have come to depend on the revenue that we receive from St. Pauly Textile for the donations. They pay us .04 per pound. We receive between $300 and $500 per month which is included in our budget.
In addition to benefiting St. Paul’s, the donations directly benefit the needy in the US as well as around the world. St. Pauly Textile distributes throughout 44 countries.
So please bring those old clothes, shoes, belts, purses, linens, blankets and drapes to our St. Pauly box. Receipts are available. Thank you!

Brick Memorials

Honor a loved one, memorialize special people in your life, or simply list your family name!
Our memorial walk is located next to the flagpole at the front of the church. The funds raised through this campaign will be used toward Capital Projects for the parish.
To order a brick, please print Brick Flyer 2018 and mail with check, payable to St. Paul's, or drop it in the collection box after Mass.

A letter from St. Pauly Textile

Dear Friends at St. Paul’s Church,
We hope this letter finds you and your families safe and warm this winter. We’re happy to report that 2021 was a record year. Over 40 million pounds of clothing were donated to our clothing sheds - that’s over 200,000 pounds of clothing collected! Every clothing shed is an important part of the big picture.

Here are some numbers to show you the impact your own shed made in 2021...
*102,118 pounds of clothing were donated to your shed in 2021.
*This was enough to clothe an estimated 18,811 people all over the world.
*Based on this volume of clothing, your organization received $4,085.

Thank you so much for partnering with us on this. We truly appreciate all the support you continue to give to the clothing shed program!
The Team at St. Paul’s Textile

Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

Chicken BBQ Fundraiser Wrap Up

A huge thank you to everyone for helping to make our 7th Annual Chicken BBQ Fundraiser a success! We’ve received multiple rave reviews about the dinners. We specifically use this caterer because his rotisserie cooked chicken is delicious!

Our sales this year were outstanding - a sell out- and we’ll do even better next year!

This year we continued to do a drive thru only. We enjoyed seeing everyone’s smiling face as they picked up their dinners. Hopefully next year we can also go back to offering an eat-in option.

Our working crew this year was great which made the event a lot of fun. We had several new faces to supplement our regulars as some of our veterans were unable to attend. Hopefully they will all want to return next year!

Many thanks to everyone, from our BBQ workers to those who spread the word to friends and neighbors, and also all who came and enjoyed a dinner (or two). See you next year at our 8th Annual Chicken BBQ!